Most Expensive Cars
to Insure

Ford Shelby GT500 - $2,186
Mercedes-Benz G-Class - $2,088
Audi S8 - $2,071
BMW M5 - $2,020
Hummer H2 - $1,912
Lexus ISF - $1,881
Porsche 911 - $1,819

Cheapest Cars to Insure

Hyundai Entourage - $848
Kia Sedona - $857
Kia Rio5 - $870
Honda Odyssey - $871
SmartForTwo - $881
Saturn Vue - $911
Mazda Tribute - $913
Chrysler Town & Country - $915

SR22 Bonds & DUI Offenses: Finding Affordable Auto Insurance

SR22 bonds for DUI offenders are legally required in many states in order for driving privileges to be returned. If you have ever been charged and then convicted of a DUI, then you already know how serious the situation is. Besides possible time in jail, individuals are exposed to the realities of court costs, fines, fees for driver's improvement classes, community service hours, license suspension - and of course, significantly hiked rates for automobile insurance for years to come.

And even though it's tough to deal with for individuals that have been charged with DUIs, the strong laws and increased enforcement standards are absolutely necessary in our society. Consider the following information from the USDOT:

  • In the United States, somebody dies from a traffic fatality involving alcohol, on average, once every 20 minutes;
  • In the past decade, a quarter of a million people have died in traffic accidents involving alcohol;
  • Current statistics show that more than 25,000 alcohol-related traffic fatalities occur every year in the United States;
  • It's estimated that 50% of all Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related traffic accident at least once;

More fast United States DUI statistics:

  • Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for Americans between 5 and 35 years old. Alcohol impaired drivers cause more than 50% of these fatalities.
  • Over 65% of all single-car crash fatalities involve alcohol.
  • 80% of all alcohol-related traffic fatalities occur between 8:00 PM and 8:00 AM.
  • More than 708,000 people are injured every year in alcohol-related crashes in the United States.
  • 74,000 people plus experience serious injuries from those accidents.
  • More than two million collisions occur every year in the US because of alcohol.

According to the Allstate Insurance Company, drivers impaired by alcohol cost the taxpayers of America approximately $23,000,000,000 every year. Further, National Geographic states that the total costs of alcohol abuse in the United States are more than $130,000,000,000, plus more than 65,000 lives, every year. And while the United States has one of the safest highway systems in the world, it also has one of the highest rates of accidents than are alcohol-related.

In other words, if you're searching for affordable, effective SR22/DUI automobile insurance coverage, you're not alone. Tens of thousands of Americans are searching every day for stable DUI insurance policies. The entire process is made far more efficient, quick and simplistic when you do your shopping for insurance online. You can compare multiple quotes from the top providers across the country, and ensure that your receiving the best premium rate quotes for insurance that fits your individual needs.